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fantasymania [userpic]
FAQ & Affiliating

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I see the uploads?
This is a members-only comm, which means you will have to join to view all entries older than 72 hours. ^_^

What are these .001 and .002 files which you upload? How do I join them together?
Just use HJSplit. It's free, and it's generally very useful if you plan on downloading lots of stuff that's over 100MB in size.

Will you re-up songs, singles or whole albums which have expired or onto different servers?
Ehem... I tend to delete my music after awhile, but you may request a reupload of an expired file, or onto a different server in this post. Just bear in mind that I might have to search for the music all over again, so don't expect a very prompt reply. (A few days leeway, perhaps... ^_^)

Which filehosting service do you use to upload with?
I generally use Mediafire, because people have the least problem downloading with it compared to servers like Megaupload and Rapidshare. All preview songs are upped on zShare, which lets you listen without downloading.

Why can't I open the files i've downloaded?
For singles or albums, you'll probably need either Winzip or Winrar to open them.

Do you take requests?
At this point in time, I'm happy to say yes. All requests (and artist suggestions, if any) should be directed here.

What about affiliates?
Yep! If you'd like to affiliate with Oriônsounds, just leave a comment in this post (which you're currently reading). ^_^

If there are any additional questions you'd like to ask, go ahead and leave a comment in this entry and I'll reply you as soon as possible.


Would you like to affiliate with destinyrhythms? :D

Definitely! :D I love your community to bits~ ♥♥♥

Yay, thanks! :D♥

:) Would you like to affiliate with rocktheplanet?

Sure~! :D You don't mind if I join as well, do you? XDD

XD of course not! Go right ahead.

Thank you! :D

hey, do you mind affy with Winter Symphony?


Thanks! <3

thanks!! =D added you as well.

hey there! i hope cd_junkies could affiliate with your wonderful comm :D

Sure~ That'd be awesome! ^_^

thanks! added you these as well :D

Would you like to affliate my comm xcrystallisx? :D

Sure! ^_^ *adds*

Cool! :D I'll add you back then. ♥